vintage jeans: 5 ways to wear ’em


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Today is a good day. FashionABLE is launching their responsibly made denim line!

Remember a few weeks ago when I went to Nashville, stopped by FashionABLE’s flagship store, and shared about their new denim line on Instagram?

While I was there, I got to try on every single pair, and I’m happy to report that they are even better than I’d hoped! Beautiful washes, fashion forward silhouettes, and excellent quality. I thought they were even better than my trusty Madewell jeans — hooray!

Denim is such a staple in my wardrobe and it’s been challenging to find denim that’s both responsibly made and cute — but they nailed it and today you can get some yourself!

Okay, quick note: This is starting to get rave-y, so I feel the need to let you know this is not a sponsored post — I just love what they are doing. Cool? Cool. :)

After trying on all their denim, it was time to narrow down to a favorite. Oof, that was hard. As much as I loved their skinny jeans (both the light wash and darker wash), I’m all set in the skinny jeans department. So I took a bit of a risk and went with The Vintage jean!

They are a little bit of a leap for me — the leg is definitely wider than I’m used to. I wasn’t sure what kinds of tops or shoes would work with them, but I had a blast figuring it out. Turns out, they aren’t so risky after all.

Today I’ll share 5 easy ways to style these wide-but-not-too-wide leg jeans. But before I jump in, I want to share my initial thoughts on ’em — the fit, the fabric, and all that good stuff:

  • FABRIC: The fabric is wonderfully soft. It doesn’t have much stretch, but it already feels broken in and loved. The BEST.
  • SIZING: I took my regular size and it fit well — no pinching at the waist at all. They have a mid rise, so while I could wear them a little lower (like a boyfriend jean) I want to wear them more like a high rise jean. The waist gaps a little when I wear them higher like that, so I’m thinking about getting the waist taken in a bit. Even still, it’s minor (as in, you can’t even tell in the photos) so we’ll see.
  • LAUNDRY: I’ve already washed them once and they do great in the wash + dryer. I rarely dry my denim, but I wanted to put these through the wringer and see what happened — they came out like champs. Not much shrinkage at all.
  • CUT: My favorite thing about them? I love that they have a wide leg, but it’s not exaggerated. That loose leg feels like heaven.

Now let’s get into the styling!


STYLE JEANS WITH: a graphic tee and bare feet

WEAR IT: around the house

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SOURCES: National park tee (old, similar and similar) / Jeans gifted by FashionABLE (made responsibly)

NOTES: For this comfy-cozy at-home look, I stole one of my husband’s graphic tees. Aaron has the coolest t-shirts, so it’s been happening a lot lately. :)

To style it up just a bit, I tucked it in and rolled the sleeves a couple of times. Done and done.

If you wanted to transform this into a going out look, you could easily throw on a chunky heeled mule in a fall hue, a crossbody bag, and a pair of sunnies and you’d be the coolest person on the block.


STYLE JEANS WITH: with a plain white tee and slide sandals

WEAR IT: while you’re out running errands

SOURCES: Tee by Everlane (old, similar) / Bandana by Madewell / Denim gifted by FashionABLE (made responsibly) / Sandals by Nordstrom Rack (old, similar) / Bag by Madewell

NOTES: I’ve been in a rut with my jeans and tee uniform lately. I wear it so often that it can just start to feel…boring. Enter a new denim silhouette! These jeans perk everything up and make the whole outfit look like something intentional and styled — instead of something that happened by default. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. :)

I also tied my bandana a little differently than I normally do — less like a scarf and more like a true bandana. I like it!


STYLE JEANS WITH: a white button down shirt with lace up sandals

WEAR IT: to coffee dates

SOURCES: Top by Anthropologie (old, similar) / Bag by Baggu (made responsibly) / Sunnies by Madewell / Sandals by MadewellDenim gifted by FashionABLE (made responsibly)

NOTES: I just can’t stop knotting things. Button downs, regular tees, anything. Is it in? Is it out? I keep gravitating towards it, so who cares? :)

Also, lace up sandals! Turns out, they are my favorite shoe to pair with wide-ish leg crops, like these jeans. Or at least, my favorite summer shoe. But more on that in a minute when we get down to Look 5.


STYLE JEANS WITH: a statement blouse and clogs

WEAR IT: out to dinner

SOURCES: Top by Anthropologie (old, similar) / Clogs by BRYR (made responsibly)Denim gifted by FashionABLE (made responsibly)

NOTES: This outfit embodies that minimalist-boho style that I’ve been drawn to this year. Linen blouse with statement sleeves? Check. Vintage cropped jeans? Check. Clogs? Check.

It’s all here and I love it.

To me, there’s no need to accessorize because everything is a statement. The color + cut of the shirt, the cut of the jeans, the clogs themselves. Everything is just a little bit outside of the mainstream norm.


STYLE JEANS WITH: ankle booties and a long cardigan

WEAR IT: when it feels like fall!

SOURCES: Tee by Everlane (old, similar) / Cardigan by Nordstrom / Bag gifted by ONA / Shoes by Sam Edelman (old, similar) / Sunnies by Madewell / Denim gifted by FashionABLE (made responsibly) / Bag by ONA

NOTES: I am thrilled that summer is nowhere near over yet. It’s my favorite season and I’m not rushing it off for a second. Plus I’ve got to keep my head in the game. The heat will last til October — got to stay mentally prepared for that. ;)

But even still, I wanted to play with a fall look today — mostly because I was a little iffy on how these jeans would work with ankle booties and I reeeeally wanted to figure out how to take these jeans into fall. But all my doubts went away real quick — ankle booties look 100% with ’em.

So favorite shoe pairing with wide-ish leg denim? I’d say it’s a tie between lace up sandals and ankle booties.

• • •

And there you have it!

Do you have a similar pair of wide leg jeans? What’s your favorite way to style them? And I’m curious, which pair of FashionABLE’s new denim is your favorite? Finally, got any fit questions about my jeans? Ask away in the comments!