spring 10×10 wrap up: what I learned + why I skipped two days


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10 pieces, 10 days, 10 outfits! We did it!

Well, kind of, but more on that in just a minute. :)

I had a fantastic time co-hosting this remix with my friend and 10×10 creator Lee of Style Bee and our first-ever guest co-host Liz of Elizabeth Suzann. I just have to give them both a big ol’ heartfelt thank you. Working with kind, caring, creative women like Liz + Lee is truly the best part of blogging.

This 10×10 was one of the largest ones yet! It’s incredible to see so many people reaching for mindfulness in their lives and closets. I’m particularly encouraged by seeing so many different approaches to it, and the way you #10x10friends celebrate every approach, even if it looks different than yours. Isn’t it special to know that each of our different perspectives and approaches have a place in the larger picture? Thank you for your positivity, your light, and your openness. 

Now, let’s get down to recapping this remix! 

Just as a refresher, here are the 10 items I included this time around:

01 / Linn Tee gifted by Elizabeth Suzann

02 / Petra Crop by Elizabeth Suzann

03 / Slide Sandals by Treasure+Bond (Runs large, I sized down a whole size.)

04 / Clyde Pants in Clay gifted by Elizabeth Suzann

05 / Cream Sweater (old by Nordstrom Rack) / similar by Everlane

06 / Artist Smock (old by Elizabeth Suzann) / similar by Elizabeth Suzann

07 / Black Skinny Jeans by Madewell

08 / Wild Card — I like to keep a free spot, so I have flexibility later on in the challenge.

09 / Grey Crop Tee by Aritzia

10 / Mara Jumpsuit gifted by Elizabeth Suzann

(As usual, I didn’t include any accessories, outerwear, work out clothes, or PJs. Instead, they flowed in and out freely, as I needed them.)

10×10 Q+A

1 | What was your intention for this 10×10?

This time around, I simply wanted to have fun doing one of my favorite things — creating outfits I think are interesting and beautiful. 

2 | Did your clothes work for the weather?

Kind of, hah. The forecast ended up changing dramatically over the course of the 10×10, so my little collection of warm weather clothes didn’t quiiiiite cut it on the unforeseen cold days.

On those cold days, I just decided to wear what was comfortable instead of what I’d planned in my 10×10. So technically I skipped two days of the 10×10 and wore cozy workout clothes instead. But I’m cool with it since I’m always the one saying things like, “It’s not about the rules — don’t follow the rules too closely!” and “There’s no such thing as cheating!”

This was the most laid-back, non-serious, lax-on-the-rules 10×10 I’ve ever done. Which was awesome because I’m in a state of shedding right now — shedding self-imposed rules, identities, and boxes I’ve put around myself. It felt so good to see that come through my 10×10 and it made the whole thing so much more fun.

3 | Were there any pieces you included that felt like mistakes?

Hm. Nothing necessarily felt like a mistake, but it might have worked out better if I’d included a cold-weather item or two.

I did include more tops than I ever have (five in total), and a couple of them (my ES Linn tee and ES Petra crop) felt underutilized. I think the challenge could have gone a little more smoothly if I’d swapped one of those tops for a jacket.

4 | What did you end up picking for your wild card?

I didn’t actually end up picking one piece, but since I wore work out clothes on the cold days, I’m counting that as my wild card.

5 | Which item/outfit was your favorite?

So hard to narrow down this time! But if I had to pick one single favorite, I’d have to say it was my Mara Jumpsuit. That thing is incredible, and I can already tell it’s going to be a travel champion. It can go from day to night in a snap, and the comfort level is off the charts.

The black linen does tend to pick up lint and dog hair, so if that’s a concern to you, you may want to try black silk or the flax linen instead. 

As far as my favorite outfit — it would have to be outfit two. I wore my Mara jumpsuit with a grey tee underneath, and it just felt so cool and comfortable!

6 | Which item/outfit was the most outside your comfort zone?

I expected the Clyde pants to feel most outside of my style comfort zone, and at first, they did. But it only took a few hours of wear to realized that I loved them. There’s something special about them! They make me feel like an artist or a designer. Dress for the job you want, right? ;)

Along those same lines, outfit one was probably most outside of my comfort zone because it was one of the first times I’d worn my Clyde pants and I wasn’t used to them yet. But it very quickly ended up being one of my favorite outfits of the challenge, too. 

7 | Would you change anything about this 10×10?

I tend to not want to change the way things went down — even if they weren’t ideal — simply because I know I learn something interesting from the experience. So, while in hindsight I see I could have done this or that to make the challenge more “successful”, I don’t think it’s about pulling off a perfect 10×10. I’m much more interested in the bumps and twists and unexpected parts — and the things I learn from them. 

8 | What did you learn from the challenge?

I learned I really love the use of unexpected shapes and silhouettes in an outfit. For example, the shape of those Clyde pants is so different than my typical uniform of skinny jeans. I had so much fun putting them on and then exploring outfit composition around them: What happens when I pair this top with them? How about this other top? What do these shoes do for the look? Yep, I had a blast playing with composition this time around.

And finally, I learned my thumbs start hurting when I try to post and answer comments on Instagram every day. Cheers that we can all get back to a slower social media pace now. ;)

• • •

And there you have it! The spring 10×10 is a wrap!

If you missed it this time around, don’t sweat it! We’d love to have you join us for the summer 10×10 in a few months. No dates selected yet, but I’ll let you know once we do.

Your turn! I’d love to hear how your 10×10 challenge went overall. Did you learn anything interesting? I’d love to hear about it!