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Happy first day of fall! It’s a new season — a chance for a fresh start. I’m wholeheartedly embracing this gift. It’s time to shake off the old and create something new.

Since it’s been a little while since my last post, I thought I’d give you a little life update and catch you up on what I’ve been up to lately. Fair warning: the first one is tough, but it gets lighter from there.


Tote | Bandana

There are some seasons in life where I’m surefooted and energized — words spill out freely, ideas come together naturally, and creativity flows.

But other seasons — like now — I’m anxious and lost. Words dry up, thoughts become cloudy, and I have trouble finding true north. 

There’s no denying the pain and turbulence in the world. It weighs heavy on me. I’m in this eyes wide open — deep things are stirring in my heart, beliefs are shifting, and I’m having wake up call after wake up call. 

Deep down, I welcome this because I know it leads to growth.

But right now, as much as I wish I could say I’m going with the flow and riding the waves, the truth is I’m sinking underneath it.

It’s really hard for me to write that. But I feel the need to share it in case you might be feeling the same way. If you are, I just want to encourage you: You are not alone. We’re in this together, and it’s okay to have dark days, dark months, dark seasons.

Why is it okay? Because:

“When we feel lost or uncertain or blocked from our own truth, it helps to remember that darkness and confusion, too, are part of the path.” -Rolf Gates

Someday I’ll have more perspective on this, but for now, let it be enough to acknowledge that the darkness is part of the path — the darkness doesn’t mean we’re off the path.



I don’t know if I’ve officially said this or not, but sharing music with you guys is my favorite thing on the planet — more than outfits, more than packing tips, more than anything. Music.

Good music can work wonders on my headspace, and fall, in particular, always brings me back to music that’s a little bit nostalgic, retro, and acoustic. So today I want to share two of my favorite fall playlists with you.

First up: Feel Good Fall. It’s an upbeat playlist with artists like Fleetwood Mac, John Mayer, Emily King, and Van Morrison. The vibe is happy and a little nostalgic. I can’t help but smile when I listen to it … and it pairs well with a glass of wine. Just sayin’. :)

Next, it’s counterpart: Cheel Good Fall. Yep, mix “chill” with “feel” and you get “cheel.” The vibe is more quiet and soft, but with that same acoustic-y retro vibe. It features artists like Iron & Wine, Jose Gonzalez, Alexi Murdoch, and She & Him. Put it on when it’s cloudy and cool outside.

Bonus: Here’s a playlist full of chill instrumental guitar music. Put it on when friends come over for dinner, or when you’re needing to buckle down for a long, productive day of work — works equally well for both.


Aaron and I have been trying to decrease our amount of TV time lately, so instead of watching TV at night, we’ve started taking long walks. And what better to pair with a long walk than a long conversation?

Here are two of our favorite conversation starters:

1 | Personality tests: Even though we’ve both taken these tests before, it’s been fascinating to retake them and see how much we’ve changed. We’ve learned something new about each other with every test taken.

A few of our favorite tests? The Myers-Briggs Test (this one gave us days of interesting conversation), the High5 Test (kind of like a free version of the StrengthsFinder Test), the Enneagram Test, and the Dosha Test.

2 | YouTube videos that expose us to new points of view: Our favorite channels are Crash Course or The School of Life. Both channels take complex topics like relationships, psychology, philosophy, and science, and break them down into easy-to-digest 10 minute videos. Warning: once you start, you might not be able to stop! We’re addicted. :)


Yoga Mat | Leggings 

This is a big one you guys — I started yoga teacher training this month! 

Even thought I’m a mess of anxiety right now, I’m so grateful to start this year-long journey. I’ve wanted to do it for a while, but there’s never been a place in Abilene that offers teacher training. Until now! This round of teacher training is the very first ever in Abilene. It means so much that I get to train here, in my hometown, at my home studio, with teachers I know and love.

So sure, I may not feel like yoga teacher material right now, and “anxious” may not be how I hoped I’d feel when starting teacher training, but in a weird way, it feels like it might be the best place to start. It’s going to be a hell of a journey, that’s for sure. :)

Right now, I’m building an intentional at-home yoga practice to complement my training. If you’re interested in starting one too, here’s what I usually do:

I begin with a 10 minute guided meditation using the Calm App, and then I’ll transition into a flow from my favorite yogi YouTuber Yoga with Adriene. (In the future I hope to create my own flows instead of using videos, but for now, video it is!)

And as of right now, that’s it. Starting small. :)


Shoes | Jeans | Linen Tunic 

It’s that time of year! Fall is upon us, and I’ve been embracing the change with my wardrobe. While I don’t keep a strict capsule anymore, I still enjoy a bit of thoughtful wardrobe planning. (You can download my free wardrobe planner right here.)

Last year, the number one lesson I learned about my wardrobe was to dress for real fall, not fantasy fall.

Another way of saying this? Be present.

See, I used to have this fantasy idea of what a fall wardrobe should look like: sweaters, boots, sweaters, scarves, and more sweaters. Buuuuut, I live in Texas. A fall day here is usually 70-80 degrees. It’s not sweater weather, but it sure is beautiful!

So my goal this year is to continue enjoying what’s in front of me — my daily activities, my lifestyle, my weather — and base my wardrobe on that, instead of the fantasy.

My plan is to use color and texture to channel those classic fall vibes, while staying true to our warm weather. Think mules, mock necks, and short sleeve sweaters.

Yep, it’s going to be good! Stay tuned — I’m sharing more fall wardrobe thoughts next week.

• • •

And there you have it!

So enough about me, how about you? How’s your fall wardrobe shaping up? Got a fall playlist to share? Got any yogi YouTubers to recommend? And is anyone having a harder time than usual too? Catch me up on what’s been going on with you.