fall wardrobe challenge: 10 pieces, 10 outfits, 10 days


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It’s that time again — time for the Fall 10×10!

Each season, I get to host this little wardrobe challenge alongside my blogging bestie (and 10×10 creator!) Lee of Style Bee.

And we’ve decided this particular round is coming at just the right time. We’re excited and grateful to connect with all of our #10x10friends again, try something new together, and soak up positive vibes from each other.

Ready to get started?

Here’s how it works: Pick 10 items of clothing from your closet. Include tops, bottoms, and shoes for your everyday life. Don’t include accessories, bags, PJs, or gym clothes — they can flow in and out freely. Then, for 10 days, create a new outfit each day using your 10 items. 

That’s it!

No need to buy anything. No need to throw anything out. No need to commit to minimalism forever. No need to overhaul your wardrobe.

Instead, it’s all about trying something new and having fun. This isn’t a serious, rule-based challenge. I mean, sure it has guidelines, but really, it’s less about the success of the challenge, and more about what it teaches us along the way.

Everyone has a different reason for jumping in. Some people do it to test drive a minimalist wardrobe without the commitment. Some do it to foster love for the clothes they already have. Some use it as a trial run to pack for an upcoming trip. Some do it to find like-minded style friends through the #fall10x10 hashtag. And some do it to push their outfit-making creativity to new heights.

Whatever your reason, Lee and I would love for you to join us in the spirit of lightheartedness.

And if you mess up, or can’t make 10 outfits, or something just goes plain wrong — how fascinating! :)

Intrigued? Keep reading — today I’m sharing:

  • my single intention for this challenge
  • the 10 pieces I picked for my remix
  • how to plan your remix in 25 minutes flat


Last time, during the Summer 10×10, my intention was to get out of my comfort zone and try a new style.

However, my intention for this fall challenge is quite different. This time around, I’m going in for some serious self care. I’m taking my 10×10 challenge not only as an opportunity to practice contentment with my closet, but also as an opportunity to be gentle with myself.

I’ve openly shared about my current journey with anxiety, and the thing I need most right now is a retreat of sorts. A retreat from the need to be perfect. A retreat from being hard on myself. A retreat from negative self talk. A retreat from my own harmfully high expectations.

So I’m pairing this 10 day wardrobe challenge with 10 days of self care.

No matter how the challenge goes, no matter how “successful” the outfits are, no matter what happens over the course of the next 10 days, I’m inviting in the good — kind affirmations, gratitude, compassion, a slower pace, and yes, even soft comfortable clothes that make me feel cocooned.

If you’re feeling the same, I’d love it if you’d join me. <3


I kept my intention close while picking my 10 pieces, and ended up with a collection of super cozy, super comfortable pieces. The weather in Texas is still a bit warm (our forecast looks like it’s going to be in the 60s-80s most of the time). So while I don’t really need a ton of sweaters and boots, I’m still channeling fall coziness through color, texture, and silhouette.

All in all, I included:

  • 4 tops
  • 2 bottoms
  • 1 dress
  • 3 pair of shoes

Here’s the complete line up:

LONG SLEEVE TEE (old from Madewell) / Similar / Similar in short sleeve

TANK by Everlane (made responsibly)

KNIT TOP by Madewell | Similar | Similar (made responsibly)

3-in-1 SWEATER gifted by Vetta Capsule (made responsibly, use discount code “unfancy” for 10% off)

KNIT MIDI DRESS gifted by Elizabeth Suzann

BLACK SHORTS by Madewell / Similar (under $15)

JEANS by Citizens of Humanity / Similar (under $70)

CLOGS gifted by Bryr (made responsibly) / Similar / Similar

MULES (old by Madewell, still available in other colors) / Similar

BIRKENSTOCKS / Also available with fleece lining



Ready to try a 10×10 for yourself? Keep it easy and approach it as if you’re packing for a trip.


Hop online and look up the 10 day forecast. Jot down any quick notes.

Crazy weather? There’s no better chance to learn! Don’t have the classic “fall” weather? No problem. The 10×10 is all about rolling with the punches and dressing for your lifestyle, weather, and needs.


Next, grab your calendar and make a note of any special activities you have coming up in the next 10 days.

Oh! And, just to be clear, life activities (gym, sleeping, etc) still call for work out wear and PJ/loungewear, so those will still go on in the background like usual.


Gather two or three foundational pieces you know you’ll include, like jeans and your favorite pair of shoes.

At this point, it’s helpful to make a temporary space so you can see your 10 pieces as you’re pulling them together. You could use one side of your closet, a garment rack, or even your shower curtain rod.

4 | BUILD AND FINISH / 15 min

Begin to build on your foundation, pulling pieces you love to wear, while considering:

  • WEATHER + LIFESTYLE. Go off the notes you made earlier, and be ruthless. You’ll enjoy this challenge so much more if you pick items that work with the weather and your lifestyle.
  • COLOR PALETTE. Keep it minimal and neutral so you can easily mix and match. Ask yourself, what colors go with the basics you already pulled?
  • PROPORTIONS. Pick shapes and silhouettes that work well together, like fitted tops with fuller bottoms or high rise bottoms with crop tops.

And finally, make any adjustments you need. Perhaps you’d rather not include shoes or outerwear this time. Perhaps you’d rather include 12 pieces instead of 10. Feel free to ditch the guidelines and make it your own.

And there you have it! The fall 10×10 is underway!

So, for the next 10 days (starting tomorrow!), Lee and I will share our remixed outfits on Instagram — I’m @carolinejoy and Lee is @leevosburgh.

Are you joining in? Instagram your 10 pieces and tag ’em #fall10x10 so we can all follow along. And you can also use our ongoing hashtags — #unfancyremix and #stylebee10x10 and #10x10friends.

And finally, feel free to go at your own pace. You don’t have to stick with my schedule — you can start early or late, skip a day, take weekends off, or go for 10 days straight. Make it work for you.

Now I want to hear from you! We all have different reasons for doing this — what’s your motivation for joining this time? Do you have a particular intention in mind or are you going into this without any expectations? Share away in the comments!

See you on Instagram tomorrow for the first outfit! :)